Gifts For New Dads

Becoming a dad for the first time is both exciting and scary. Dads take care of the baby too, so they deserve a little recognition for their new and wonderful role. Here are some gift ideas for new dads that can inspire, laugh or that are practical in caring for the new baby.

Make him smile

With the mum having a new wardrobe whilst pregnant, why not buy dad a humorous T Shirt to celebrate his new status. You can find a T shirt game overthat says “Game Over” with a traffic warning triangle of a man on diaper duty or perhaps a T shirt saying “Man behind the bump”, which will be helpful in the delivery room as everyone will know who the father is. Get creative and come up with your own ideas and get this printed online or at a local printers.

To mark the birth of the baby, pick a personalized photo frame of him with his new-born. Customize the frame with any message for example: “Daddy and Me” at the top and names at the base to create a lasting and memorable keepsake.

Be Practical

You know that the new dad is going to be a great father, but if he’s a bit unsure there are a number of books on the market specifically to help men through the pregnancy that are how-to manuals packed with tactics to survive baby’s first year. Pick a book that has no nonsense insights, tips and advice for the first year, including how to change a baby at a packed sports stadium, construct an emergency diaper out of a towel, a sock, and duct tape and stay awake (or at least upright) at work. Or a book of inspirational quotes about fatherhood to reassure him that he’ll be a great

The new dad is likely to be spending a lot more time at home with a new baby to care for. A gift of a new pair of slippers will keep his feet warm when he has to get up in the middle of the night to change a diaper or walk back-and-forth to settle baby. It’s not unknown for a new dad to forget what he is wearing and go to the grocery store in his pajamas. To save his blushes, treat him to a pair of loose fitting yoga pants that are both stylish and comfortable that he can wear out without the need to change.

As mum has been carrying the baby throughout the pregnancy, when the child is born it is now dad’s turn to help. An ideal gift for his is a baby carrier as it leads dad hands free, though he might also like a high-specification buggy too. Baby carriers can be slings and wraps for newborns and carriers to carry baby facing his chest or looking out. A baby-carrier also allows dad’s to build a strong bond with the new-born from the start. Ergonomically designed, get him fitted with a carrier so that baby sits comfortably and their weight is put on dad’s hips and not his neck and shoulders.

Pick a diaper bag that looks like a bag for guys. Make it easy with a backpack style bag if he’s not used to carrying a shoulder bag. A backpack style is ideal for travelling and there are some that are large enough to carry diapers for multiple babies, with pockets and dividers to make diaper changing as easy as possible.

Just for him

The new dad will be taking lots of photos that of the new addition to the family. To capture those picture-perfect moments, treat him to a high megapixel digital camera with optical zoom and wide angle lens so he can capture them all. Buy a camera with built in Wi-Fi so he can instantly upload photos to social media sites which will earn him brownie points with the grandparents.

Another gift for the new dad is a cordless screwdriver so he’s got no excuse for delaying the assembly of all the furniture and toys the new-born will be using for the next decade and more. Pick a cordless screwdriver that charges in just an hour to avoid any tantrums when the new-born is a toddler.

Or choose a gift that’s just for him. If he likes his music, but is concerned it may wake the baby, buy him headphones that don’t leak sound. Headphones with a universal-fit will allow him to use them with any smart-phone. The lightweight design promises hours of listening and won’t bother him if he falls asleep.


Forming a long and happy relationship

Those couples who have a long-lasting and happy relationship are friends with their partner. They spend time together on shared interests as well as following their own with the support of the other. They are attentive to their partner, taking on tasks without being ask when the need arises. Whilst the couple may have different personality traits, they are a team of two equal parts. Successful couples work on resolving differences with compromise based on trust. They communicate honestly and respectfully.

Be honesthappy relationship

You know that honesty is essential for a long and happy relationship as it is the basis on which trust is built. However, there is no need to be brutally honest as this is insensitive to your partners feelings. Try to be kind when being honest, even if the conversation is difficult and uncomfortable.

You’re both unique people

You may both have different ways of expressing your love for each other. You may feel cherished when you hold hands when walking together. You may like to receive small gifts at times other than your birthday or on other celebrations. You may feel loved when your partner brings you coffee when you wake up. You are each different, so find out what your partner sees as an expression of your love and devotion to them. This allows you both to show your feelings for each other.

Celebrate your differences – every time you can – and memorize the moment with a cool present. You can get some good anniversary ideas for present at The Eternity Rose. Whilst some of your partner’s habits may irritate, concentrate on how your differences complement each other. If you partner is more easy-going, perhaps they help you to not take things so seriously. It may be that you were attracted to this part of their personality when you first met.

Make time for each other

Over your time together, you may find it difficult tohappy couple spend quality time together. With children, pets, work and other responsibilities, our ability to give attention to our partner is limited. Schedule a date night to go for a meal, take a walk, watch a movie etc. Do different things on your date nights to keep it fun. Take it in turns to plan the date, perhaps try something new together like ice-skating, ballroom dancing, life drawing or a cookery class.

Make time for yourself

Making time to enjoy the things that you like is key to a long and happy relationship. After all, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. If your hobby is rebuilding classic cars continue with this, just don’t wash the engine in the kitchen sink! If you want to volunteer at the local hospice, do it. Your partner will applaud your skills and be proud of the changes you make. Being independent, not just ‘the partner of’ is important and you’ll be happier for being so.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laugh with your partner, it makes the inevitable relationship challenges easier to overcome. Reminisce about shared experiences that you both found funny or watch your favourite comedian online. If you find your partner’s friends and family difficult, talk about it openly and honestly and find a solution that allows you distance without being rude.

Resolve your problems

Don’t try to win an argument at any cost. Consider your partner’s thoughts and feelings so that you’re able to find a solution together. When you argue, fight fair. Don’t shout, place blame or deliberately insult your partner. Explain what you are upset or frustrated about rather than placing blame. Try not to automatically go on the defensive if your partner is raising a problem, they may have a valid point. If an argument is getting too heated for either of you, take a break and come back to the topic when you’re calmer and ready to listen.

Admit when you make mistakes. If you can accept your own mistakes your partner is more likely to acknowledge their own.

Try to forgive. It’s healthier than holding a resentment. Did you have a part to play in creating the situation that now requires forgiveness? Is it really as big an issue as you first thought? Acknowledge, adapt and compromise as best you can and call in outside help from a counsellor if you need help to mediate.


How to spend more time with your partner: 5 Tips for parents

It’s the toughest job being a parent. And whilst you know that a happy and long-lasting relationship with your partner provides the much-needed security and stability kids need, it’s not always easy to find a balance between your various roles as parent, partner and all your other obligations to work and wider family. Amongst all your commitments, you wish to be an attentive partner. Here are five tips to help you be a happy couple:

Schedule Date Nights

We all grow and change over time, particularly when there are children involved. Share your schedules and see when you are free to spend time together to talk and connect. It’s important to keep in touch with how each other are feeling, your hopes and your plans for the future. If you can, have a date night every week or at least once a month. If you have young children, hire a sitter or set up a sitter-exchange with your friends, family or neighbours.romantic

Date nights should be fun. They can include be a romantic meal, a visit to the movies or to go to a place that means something special to you both. Take turns to arrange the nights that you’ve scheduled. Your date night is not for you to talk about your financial worries, the difficult relationship you have with their sister or to argue over how to squeeze the toothpaste tube. If you want to talk about these choose another time (though the toothpaste is probably best left as something you’ll have to learn to live with).

If meeting up in the evening isn’t possible, meet each other for lunch with a picnic in the park or go to a matinee, lunchtime recital or art gallery. If your budget is tight, watch a movie at home after the kids have fallen asleep.

Explore the Little Things

We all like to feel cherished in our relationships. When your partner comes in from work or a visit to family and friends, stop what you are doing and greet them with a smile and ask how their day has been. Hold hands when you’re together. Cuddle up on the sofa. Your touch will let your partner know how much you love them. When your partner is tired or stressed, take on one (or more) of the chores you know your partner doesn’t like without asking. Buy a romantic gift for their birthday or other significant date that shows that you care.

Be generous

Be generous with your time and with your attention to your partner. Celebrate your partner’s achievements and let them know how proud you are. Mark special occasions with a gift that suits their personality and style. Personalised your gift with their initials or with a favourite phrase you share to add an extra touch. Gifts do not have to be expensive, but your partner will appreciate the time and effort you have put into the choice that you have made.

Do It Together

It’s good to spend time together as a couple sharing activities. If you currently don’t have a shared interest do something new as a couple that you hope to both enjoy. This could be going out for evening walks, playing board games or following your local football team. If you can’t agree on what hobby to share, create a list of experiences you would each like to try. Take it in turns to try each activity. You’ll be creating a new set of memories for you as a couple and have fun too.

Make Time for Sex

It’s difficult to be spontaneously intimate when you have babies and young children to look after. Therefore, you do need to make timecouple cute for sex. If you can, arrange for the kids to have a sleepover with friends or family so you have the house to yourself all night. The anticipation of being together in this way will add spark to your romantic life!

It’s important to make sex a priority in your marriage. Sexual intimacy gives you the closeness you and your partner need to stay connected. Be imaginative and have fun!